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We are a bunch of talented people, passionate about mobile and its wide scale application in day to day life of people globally. We constantly focus on INNOVATION, SCALE, and cost effective mobile solution.



Through creative thinking, strategic planning, and detailed execution we try to come up with creative and effective solutions to meet the business objective of the client.



When thoughts of our whole team align about the idea, we try to solidify the idea with constant and consistent effort from everyone.



We craft effective and minimal marketing strategies that reflect your business objectives and relate to your targeted audience. We always start with understanding the audience to gain insight then we craft ideas.



Measurement is what makes us different than other people. We track every single thing we do to know the effectiveness and we keep moving pieces around to make our strategies more effective….

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The Team

We’ve been helping businesses improve their mobile presence , marketing strategies since 2012. We are up to date with latest technologies, mobile trends and have better understanding of how mobile media work.

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Abhijit Saxena

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Since the very first job Abhijit has worked in some of the most pioneering entrepreneurial companies. He started his journey with DCM Sriram which was one of the stalwart companies of the Indian Industrial make up. The company went through some very interesting transitions. Abhijit did his stint with the Times of India Group. Being part of the Director Corporate team which also managed the office of Vice Chairman Sameer Jain, Abhijit observed closely and imbibed the strategies of the board room. Apart from this he worked in Zee Network for 11 long years and had joined it within a few years of its inception. At Zee, Abhijit saw some of the most remarkable skyrocketing growth stories, the steep downturn and then finally the resurrection to a huge conglomerate. Post Zee Abhijit joined with another pioneer Rajesh Jain, the entrepreneur who catapulted Internet in the country to dizzying value, as CEO of his company Netcore. After putting Netcore on to a strong growth path Abhijit moved on to start his own venture Mobilox.

– Education

More than the formal education Abhijit has been an understudy to some of the greatest Entrepreneurs this country has seen. Abhijit has directly worked and observed and learnt from Sameer Jain, Chairman Times of India, Subhash Chandra Chairman Zee Network, Rajesh Jain, Chairman Netcore and Vijay Jindal Director Ansals Group. In aggregate Abhijit spent close to 20 years directly working with these entrepreneurs. Abhijit got his best education on the job and learning by observing and imbibing some of the key attributes during this tenure.

For the formal education Abhijit did his schooling and graduation in Physics from Delhi. After finishing school from St. Xavier’s he joined KMC in Delhi University. Abhijit completed his post graduation in Management from IMT Ghaziabad.

– Achievements & Awards

The Biggest achievement for Abhijit has been that in his career he has managed all form of media from traditional print and TV to the fast growing digital and now on to the future of Mobile. He is amongst very few professionals in the country who have experience across all forms of Media and is able to seamlessly integrate strategies across all the media.

Abhijit was part of the Digital Committee set up by FICCI under the aegis of the PMO. Abhijit is part of the top 100 professionals in the Digital landscape of India initiated by PITCH. Abhijit is a sought after speaker at many forums in India and around the world.

– Personal Details (Hobbies, family etc.)

Abhijit is a sports enthusiast and has been playing tournament level matches in Squash, Football and Cricket. He has represented teams in school, college and his various companies. He loves to swim as well as trek.

His favourite hobby is traveling and experimenting with cuisines all over the world. Abhijit has tried some of the most weird foods across the world and has gained some very interesting insights during his travels to more than 25 countries.

Abhijit has a small family. His wife, Simi is a Doctorate in Physics from Delhi University. She has taught in various colleges and now takes classes at home. Simi was amongst the toppers throughout her school, college and Post graduation. She has written several papers on High energy Physics which have been published in international publications. Interestingly she transitioned from being a scholar to a great enthusiast for travel and food because of Abhijit!

Simi and Abhijit have a young adorable daughter Ruhika. She will soon turn 11 but is already turning into a life enthusiast. Just like her father she is a sports enthusiast. In a young age she is already excellent in cricket, football, badminton, swimming and now her recent passion is basketball. She is a complete outdoor person and loves to travel, a strong family trait!

Who We Are

Whether you need to create a brand from scratch, including marketing materials and a beautiful and functional website or whether you are looking for a design refresh we are confident you will be pleased with the results.

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Mobilox has been conceptualized as the first Mobile Technology Company of India with a vision of getting mobile as a media its due credit.

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Over 29 Billion mobile apps have been downloaded worldwide! An era of the new-age consumer is dawning. Mobilox can help you in conceptualizing, marketing…



More people access the web through mobile devices than PCs! 5 out of 7 billion people in the world own mobiles! It is crucial for your brand to reach consumers…



85% of all text/SMS messages are read by customers within the first minute of receipt, and 98% are read by the end of the day! 73% of users actually WANT to receive…



Advergaming is the latest rave in marketing. Be one of the first to gain maximum advantage of this innovative campaign. The motto is simple? Please the customer ?…



Get up close and personal with the consumers nearest to you. With location based services you can make the best out local marketing. Rouse the consumer’s curiosity..



Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google-Plus together boast over 1 billion active users! Convert them into 1 billion potential customers with marketing on the social media platform…

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Mobilox has been conceptualized as the first Mobile Technology Company of India with a vision of getting mobile as a media its due credit

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